Album – The Happiest Days of My Life – John Biz

Posted by admin on December 23rd, 2006

Punk has had a pretty tough rap for the last 30 or so years. Johnny Rotten, was, well rotten, but no matter your views on the actual music, you couldn’t help but pick up on their energy and sheer enthusiasm. Maybe the Sex Pistols isn’t the best of punk examples, but they are at least a band that everyone looks to as the pinnacle of punk, or should that be punk as it once was. As the years passed, a more melodic form of punk emerged, the Ramones probably being one of the best examples. Whilst John Biz is not a typical example of punk, you can’t but help hear those harder edged influences in his music.

There’s eleven tracks on this album and they all have that raw energy, that’s channeled very effectively into some great songs. Opening with “Drugs Tonight”, this has all the earmarks of a good boozeup song. I can just imagine a crowd at a gig, or in a pub or bar, singing along to this one. Oasis are another band who’s songs seem to be taken up as beer anthems. Ah, I’ve sung Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger, along with a pub full of drunks on many occasions. “Unconditional” continues with that great sound and is among my favorites on the album. “Maybe There’s Away” reminds me a bit of Weezer, who were a great band of the 90’s, who’ve just started to become popular again. “Broken Glass” continues that thumping driving beat formula to good effect. It’s the middle of the album, that seems to fade or change direction. “Engine” has a very electric jazz feel to it, especially the opening drums. “Like an Ashtray of Empty Promises” is an instrumental track, that just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It almost feels like it was thrown on the album as an afterthought. “Low Tide” and “Big Car” feel very awkward on the album, compared with the rest of the energetic, electric tracks. From “Heavybag” to the end of the album, things pick up again and these are much more in keeping with the beginning of the album.

If I were to pick out my favorite tracks on the album, they would have to be “Drugs Tonight”, which is just a stellar track, “Unconditional” and the track the finishes off the album “We Saved Each Others Lives”, which reminds me a lot of the Smiths, always a good thing.

Conclusion : A great rock album, which has those punk over tones, with a little bit of Nirvana thrown in for good measure. A great album to test out that new stereo or MP3 player that you get for Christmas.

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