Album – Rock & Roll Saxophonist – Johnny Ferreira

Posted by admin on November 21st, 2006

This is certainly an album that whilst being a bit different from the norm on Indie Launchpad, is an album that deserves a winder audience, if not for anything other than the incredible music. Whilst Johnny’s vocals are great, they do have that Jools Holland sound to them, which either entertains or irritates. I’m sort of between the two, but that matters not a jot, because when it comes to the music, it’s just sheer class all the way.

The album opens with a great rock and roll track “Wine Women and Song” which has a piano intro that just exemplifies the rest of the album. Actually the piano throughout this track and the rest of the album is just amazing. Old style rock & roll and swing are probably something your grandparents are more comfortable with, but that’s a shame, as good music is good music, no matter what it is.

I first heard Johnny via the Podcast Paul podcast. I can’t say I was really paying that much attention when the music came on, but about half way through, I realized I was patting my hand in my pocket and bobbing my head. That isn’t in itself too bad, but when you are listening on headphones waiting for the bus, it can get a bit embarrassing. No matter the red faced embarrassment I was feeling, I knew this was going to be an album I had to get in for review and I’m glad I did.

Even though there’s 10 tracks on the album, it still only weighs in at a tad over 32 minutes. Although it’s only just over half hour, it’s certainly a quart squeezed into a pint pot.

Particular favorite tracks are “If That Ain’t Love”, “Mean Mr Senf” and “Nighty Gown”. I have to admit, this isn’t an album I would usually go out and buy, but it’s definitely something I would now pay more attention too. There’s a real sense of fun on this album and it really shines through, making it a very pleasurable listening experience.

Conclusion : Certainly something different, but highly entertaining nonetheless. If you just want to dip your toe into old style rock & roll this is the perfect introduction.

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