Album – Stay – The Brightwings

Posted by admin on October 6th, 2006

Instantly accessible is probably the best way to describe The Brightwings, a band out of the US, specifically Boston. This 8 track album opens very strongly with the wonderful “All I Need”. For the first minute or so, I was almost sent back in a worm hole to the early 90’s. There’s something very familiar about the sound, in fact the band reminds me a lot of that great Scottish band Del Amitri. A lot of that is down to their very crisp, clean acoustic sound and wonderful harmonies.

I often wonder if 8 tracks really make an album. Maybe if they’re 6 or 7 minutes each, but here they’re around the 3-4 minute mark. Not that that matters, as at just $8.00, it’s nicely priced between an EP and an Album.

There’s a real Eagles kind of feel to the majority of tracks. I must admit to not being a big Eagles fan. Most of their songs are pretty dreary. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Fortunately here, the best elements of the Eagles are fused together with a few other influences and not forgetting the Brightwings, own obvious talent.

Of all the tracks “Far From Shore” is probably the weakest. I think for me, the lead vocals are a bit off and it sort of falls a bit flat. My favorite is “Mallory”, which isn’t a name I’ve ever heard in a song before. It has a great melody, with some great acoustic guitar. Rounding things off is “Please Come to Boston”, which has some great harmonies and is a fitting song to sign off with.

Conclusion : A great, relaxed and very enjoyable album. I’d be interested to hear the Brightwings cover an Eagles song, “Desperado” comes to mind, but there’s no desperation in this group of talented musicians. Top notch.

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