Album – Stories for Copper – Dave Stephens

Posted by admin on August 10th, 2006

I love the pure form of pop, with a catchy melody and infectious vocals. Mix with that a wonderfully relaxed and mellow side and you have all the ingredients of Stories for Copper. Dave Stephens opens with a belter in “I’ve Woken Up”, framing the album nicely, but then takes a more mellow turn into “The Man That I Once Knew”. After listening to this album a couple of times, the name Harry Nilsson kept popping into my head and indeed for the next 3 songs there is a definite Nilsson influence.

Track 6, “Memories for Me” takes an apparent 180 degree turn with an almost rockabilly fueled back drop, but it’s not as radical as it sounds, when the song gets up to full steam. I do however like something that surprises and keeps you on your toes and this album is definitely that.

My favorite song has to be “Full Circle”. A beautifully simple melody, with complimenting accompaniment and a great vocal quality. It’s just goes to show, that sometimes the simplest of songs are the best. This is a stunning track that has me pushing the back button again and again on my CD player.

This is the second album from Canadian Dave Stephens, the first being “Here We Go”. I first found Dave via a song from the first album, featured on the Not Lame podcast and from my limited listening of that album, it’s also something worth checking out if you enjoy this one.

Conclusion : A wonderful find, from a wonderful talent. Definitely an album with that lasting appeal.

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