Album – Pond Life Fiasco – Heifervescent

Posted by admin on August 27th, 2006

An interestingly named album from an even more interestingly named band. Also the only band I’ve come across so far via Indie Launchpad from Wales. Underneath the strange name (and I suppose they could have been much stranger coming from Wales) lies a very tight album, from a band who have obviously been together a while. It’s hard to pin a sound or genre to Heifervescent, but it’s a sort of combination of ambient rock and acoustic pop.

The album opens with “Victim of Crime” which has a very atmospheric, flute sound throughout and a some great sweeping strings underneath. “Deep Sea Diver”, the track that follows, has that great driving beat that you can’t help but tap your feet or nod your head, or just move something to keep in time with the beat. Throughout the album you really begin to appreciate the production when listening to the album through headphones. I listen to the majority of albums through headphones as I like to really hear as much as possible. Every now and again, you get an album that really stimulates those ear buds and this is one of those albums.

One of the tracks that really stands out to me is “Counting Without Numbers”. With a great beat and those sweeping strings again, it just has such a wonderful sound. It also has some interesting lyrics, like the opening, “You can count me in. You said it right in front of your jealous Siamese twin, who’s gonna take it on the chin.”, it sounds a lot better than it probably reads. It is certainly a track the prompts me to keep hitting the repeat button. There’s a wonderful array of sounds on this album, including the bell intro to “It’s Coming Together”. The final track “And The Pond Life Flourished” is a great track, but not really what I would have used to close the album, but then again I prefer the more sedate of songs to close this kind of album, but that’s just my personal preference.

If I’m going to nit pick and single out a weak track, it would have to be “We’ve got to plug you in”, which for me spoils the flow of the album. Maybe like the last track it would have been better placed on the album.

Conclusion : A very refreshing album, that combines a great mix of rock and pop. I have to admit with this album, I was a bit skeptical, even though I’d heard a track from it via another podcast. This skepticism was purely based on the album name. Needless to say my skepticism was misplaced. A great album from a very interesting and inventive band.

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