Album – Commit This to Memory – Motion City Soundtrack

Posted by admin on August 17th, 2006

I was once told I have Van Gogh’s ear for music, I just like to think my taste is eclectic and unpredictable. I can quite easily bounce between Sanskrit chants and reggae. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, it’s all about the music. I don’t care what the music is, as long as it can hold my attention and captivate. This is exactly what this album from Motion City Soundtrack has done for me. I actually have my oldest daughter to thank for letting me know about this one, she’s a big fan, as was I, even though I didn’t know who they were at the time, when I kept hearing her play their music.

Opening with “Attractive Today”, it’s highly suggestive of the kind of music to come, but the album really comes alive with the following track “Everything is Alright”. “Resolution” has a real retro feel about it, reminding me greatly of bands such as Pilot in the late 70’s, with that great melodic, laid back pop. With 13 tracks on the album, this is a real interesting mix of sounds and influences and highly enjoyable it is.

The actual version of the album I received was the deluxe edition, which includes a bonus DVD with live concert, documentary, and behind the scenes footage, an exclusive video for “L.G. Fuad”, and much more. I’ve no doubt if you are a Motion City Soundtrack fan, you are going to absolutely love the this additional DVD.

There’s much to dislike about the current day music scene. There’s also a lot to really love. Motion City Soundtrack are a good example of the latter. It’s nice to see an indie band getting huge recognition, especially across many different age ranges. With that recognition however comes great responsibility. I’ve mentioned a few times about the use of colorful language in music. Sometimes it’s something that sets the scene or reinforces the lyrics in a song. Many times however it seems to be thrown in for cheap effect. I’m not a prude or ultra conservative, I just think that some bands should rethink some of the language they are dropping into their songs and really decide whether it enhances the song, or is just there for kicks.

Conclusion : Amazing, infectious and finely crafted pop/rock. Comes through the toe tap test with flying colors and then some. A wonderful benchmark for 2006.

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