Album – Only Whispering – Josh Woodward

Posted by admin on May 27th, 2006

Josh Woodward is an old favorite of Indie Launchpad’s. A a master storyteller, he also has the drive an determination to have his music heard by as many people as he can. I’ve covered before artists who make their music freely available, alongside more conventional CD releases, but it takes a firm belief, as well as a certain insanity. Hopefully this belief is well placed, as this is a great CD that deserves a lot of recognition.

I haven’t come across any songs on Josh’s albums, that I’ve felt unbalance an album and it’s no surprise that the same is the case here. I love Josh’s simplicity in story telling and the wonderfully understated music, that accompanies the vocals and don’t overpower.

“Only Whispering” a wonderful title track, opens the album. At times this track bares a striking resemblance to Jon Anderson, he of Yes fame, yet more relaxed. I’ve mentioned time and time again, the wonderful way Josh manages to set the scene and bring the story on at a pace that is just so effortless, “Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer” is a prime example of this. This is a hard album to review, because every song is just so damn good.

I’m not even going to pick out my usual standout tracks, as I’d just be listing every song on the album. Suffice to say if you are a fan of acoustic music, this is a definite one to pick up. It’s a very similar production to Crawford Street, Josh’s previous album, which is fine by me.

Conclusion : This is Josh’s third album, in as many years and a cracking release it is too.

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