Album – Love Revolution – All Mighty Whispers

Posted by admin on May 11th, 2006

It’s not very often that I totally scrap a review and start all over again, this has been the case with the All Might Whispers “Love Revolution”. Sometimes it’s easy to review too much music in one sitting and end up being overly critical with the latter reviews. This has indeed been the case here. I originally wrote the review a couple of weeks ago and even then I felt something was amiss, as I just didn’t want to post it. So here I sat this morning, re-reading the review and I’m glad I didn’t post. So select all, cut and start again.

There’s been a few albums recently that have interesting, if not out of place intros. bill (yes I know that”s a lower case b), the band was one of them, with their acapella “It Won’t Hurt”, but somehow that just worked. Here the intro song is “Denial Part 1”, serene, choral and very different. This is followed by “Denial Part 2”, which I feel is pretty much the stinker on the album, sorry guys, but there’s something about that track, that is very monotonous and always makes me press on the skip button.

Anyway putting that aside, the album really starts to come into it’s own with “Spiritual”. The vocals are very subtle twist and I get an amazing sense of deja vu every time I hear them from this point on in the album. “Mighty Whisper” is one of the stronger tracks, that I can imagine being a single. The other, and indeed my favorite on the album, would have to be the title track “Love Revolution”, with it’s catchy hooks and infectious melody. Indeed it’s this track I’ve been hearing all over the Internet. As well as catchy and infectious pop tracks, of which there are many, the band also has a softer, more mellow side and this shows through in many tracks, including “Yesterday Tomorrow”, “Bringing Down Hush” and “Heaven Have Me Now”, probably my favorite of the slower tracks.

Conclusion : Overall a good album, that would gel a lot better with me, if it were to lose “Denial Part 2”. They’ve certainly got a distinctive sound and one I’ll be listening out for in the future.

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