Album – Back to BASIC – Children of the CPU

Posted by admin on May 25th, 2006

“2035. The last of the human defenses were vanquished. The computers had won. Mankind had no option but to slink into the shadows. To prepare for the day of reckoning. The day when they would make one last stand. To the victor the spoils. To the loser, oblivion….”

The opening track has that feel to it, like a soundtrack to one of the classic 80’s sci-fi films, like Escape from New York. Then there’s the introduction of 80’s retro. Remember those classic computer games you used to play on the computer, that you used to plug into the television. This is all that and more. I suppose if I were to pigeon hole it, it would be 80’s electronica.

This isn’t to my usual taste, but there’s something very familiar and almost comforting about the album. It’s certainly a workout for the ears and another album, that really benefits from listening to using headphones.

There’s a few of tracks that really stand out for me. “Firefly” is one of them. In fact that track has a very familiar sound, especially the vocals. If anyone has watched the vidcast, “The Scene”, this track sounds very familiar to the open titles. My other favorite tracks are “Laurentien” and “Logic is for Loners”. The only track on the album I had a problem with is “Weeping Willow”. If you are a fan of drum ‘n’ bass you’ll love this. For me though, the drum machine drove me nuts.

Conclusion : Certainly something different, but such a great diversion from the everyday rock sound, that’s prevalent today.

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