EP – Weightless – Stillman

Posted by admin on April 20th, 2006

With comparisons to Elliot Smith abounding, this promised to be something special and I wasn’t disappointed. With a relaxed, ethereal feel, this is quite frankly a beautiful first offering from the London based Stillman. I tried hard to think of the voice this EP reminded me of. I thought it was Jon Anderson of Yes fame, but more subtle, now I’m not so sure. There is actually a lot vocally that reminds me of another indie artist we featured a while ago called Steadman, but this is a much more laidback offering.

I read a review somewhere, that captured the essence of this EP, when they mentioned the ebb and flow and indeed that theme almost runs throughout. A calming, almost hypnotic tide of sound.

Like a good book, “Foreword” and “Afterword” set up and close this amazing piece of work. The title track “Weightless” is an amazing, but “The Worst is Over” is probably my favorite. However I have to say, I don’t think I’d play any track in isolation, preferring to just put on the whole EP.

Conclusion : Absolutely brilliant stuff. With an album already in the works, I can’t wait to hear the result.

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