EP – EP – Comme Un Homme Libre

Posted by admin on April 5th, 2006

This EP is like reliving my youth all over again. Oh that wondrous female French accent, reminds me of youthful dreams. Of learning Vanessa Paradis French albums, even though I can’t speak a word of French. Yes well enough of my pathetic childhood.

Sometimes music just ignores language barriers and this is a case in point. Even though the album is entirely in French, bar a few lines here and there, it’s is still utterly raw, gritty and sexy, oh so very sexy. The band have a sound very much like early Stranglers, only with a female lead and yes, all in French. The music is very much to the bone, but this just makes the vocals come alive.

There’s 6 tracks on the EP. Even though there is a track that’s no stranger to many “Our Lips are Sealed” that is by no means the standout track, as there is very strong competition from the rest of the EP. I have to say, my personal favorites are “Swing Away” and “De Dire D

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