Album – Woods of Chaos – Rob Costlow

Posted by admin on March 10th, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Rob Costlow
  • Genre : Pop / Rock
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  • Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Every time I think of pianists, I think of that little pianist joke, I’m sure you know the one. Anyway, that’s got nothing to do with this review, but at least it’s put a smile on my face.

I’m a big classical music fan, my only downfall is, I don’t know half the music I come across. I can tell you Beethoven’s 9th from his 6th and I know Wagner has a good ride with some Vikings, but once I step off the beaten track, I’m lost. However stepping off the beaten track also opens your mind and your ears to music you would never normally come across. Rob Costlow is a case in point.

I first heard one of Rob’s compositions on the Podcastpaul podcast. This wasn’t a usual composition though, it was a mashup with a Martin Luther King speech, if I remember correctly. It was very well done, as it left a lasting impression and got me interested enough to discover more. What I ended up with was the Woods of Chaos album and what an amazing album it is.

I constantly see Rob’s music referred to as new age, which in my mind brings images of druids and Stonehenge, I much prefer the description melodic piano, but even this is a bit vague. However you classify it, it’s bloody good, make no mistake.

I can just imagine having one of those days where everything gets on top of you. Work has been a trial and don’t talk about the journey home, where it started to rain heavily, as you got off the bus and just begun the 10 minute walk home. Once that front door slammed behind you though and you put this album on, you can feel the tension ease and a semblance of normality return. And I’m not just spouting forth, I’ve actually done something along those lines a couple of times and managed to unwind to this album.

When reviewing an album like this, it’s hard to compare tracks and highlight a favorite. I’ve said before that some albums are like a body of work, and just hang together and this is a case in point. With 10 tracks of just sheer enjoyable, relaxing music, I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys something a bit special.

Conclusion : An incredible album, from an incredible artist. I can just imagine Rob writing a songtrack to some big Hollywood movie and wouldn’t be surprised if this indeed happened. Remember to watch out for the name.

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