EP – The Black Angels EP – The Black Angels

Posted by admin on February 17th, 2006

The old house had been quiet for many years, but not on this late October night. It was 11:30pm and the guitar sound that filled the cold frosty evening was pounding, relentless, unforgiving. Deep in the heart of the house, she lay motionless, a victim to some unknown terror. By her side, the source of the sounds that filled the air. A CD with three simple words “The Black Angels”…

OK, OK maybe I’ve just gone a little overboard here, but when you hear the opening track to the Black Angels EP, you’ll know why. This is the kind of track that opens CSI or some other murder scene all too typical in TV and movies. That’s no reflection on the music, it just gives you some kind of idea of what to expext and that’s just the music. Wait till you hear Jim Morrison reincarnate. OK again, I’ve gone overboard with the comparisons, but this has a real earthy Doors feel to it. That’s track 1, “Black Grease” covered, what about the rest of the EP.

The Doors theme runs consistently through the rest of the EP and there’s also a kind of Jefferson Airplane vibe going on, for those of you old enough to remember them. Track 2 “The First Vietnamese War” takes more mellow downturn, but make no mistake, this is still pure rock. Track 3, “Winter ’68” is a relatively short song, that further enforces the overall sound. Track 4, “Manipulation” rounds the EP off nicely, with a sprawling, nigh on 6 minute finale, something akin to the Doors track “The End”.

I have to say, this is truly great EP. The band has a really tight sound and once you add the vocals, you end up with something really quite special.

Conclusion : Do I really have to say, go buy this EP now. I’m chomping at the bit to see what the band can do with a full length album.

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