Album – Waiting – Taxi Doll

Posted by admin on February 20th, 2006

Sexy, sassy and catchy as hell, this is a great example of what commercial radio is missing out on. Oh well, their loss is definitely our gain.

This is a relatively short CD, with 8 tracks, 3 of which are remixes, but they still add value to the album as they are very well done. I remember paying stacks of money for 12″ remix singles, oh those were the days and vinyl they were too. Do you remember vinyl? Hey who just shouted “Grandad!”?

The CD opens with the title track “Waiting”. This is well crafted pop at it’s finest. The lead singer Dhana has a very sexy, provocative voice that really reminds me of another artist, who’s name escapes me. Not that it really matters. Her vocals are key to the success of each track and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her and the band in the future.

So yes you’ve guessed it, “Waiting” is the first of my standout tracks, the other being “Sister Amazing”. I have to admit, for me the vocals are spot on, but so too is the music, which is really tight and provides Dhana a really sound canvas on which to paint.

Conclusion : Yes the CD is very brief, but it’s also a real kick up the derriere, that at times is sorely needed.

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