Album – Modern Behavior – Lampshade

Posted by admin on February 8th, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Lampshade
  • Genre : Electronic / Rock / Jazz
  • Sample Track Download : Sabaturu
  • Buy CD : Buy
  • Buy Digital Download : N/A
  • Rating : 8 out of 10

Sometimes you receive an album that’s so good, you just can’t help but review it twice. OK, OK, maybe that is a bit misleading, but this is indeed the second time I have reviewed this album, but it’s wasn’t cos it’s a great album, which it is mind you, it’s because the system I’m using to create all these reviews, had a bit of a brain fart and managed to mangle my original review. Anyway, less on the harping about lost stuff and onto the album.

Within listening to the first 10 seconds of this album, I couldn’t help, but be reminded about the UK band Propeller Heads, especially track two with it’s featured vocalist, who I could swear is Tom Jones. Although I love my music, I’m at a bit of a loss when trying to specify the genre that some music falls under. I suppose I’m not far wrong, when I say this is a bit drum and bass, with some electronic and laid back jazz thrown in. I also have a category, which at times can probably be misconstrued, but I don’t mean anything derogatory when I say this is very monotonous music. By that I mean that the rythms repeat and loop quite extensively. Not that I find that a bad thing, by no means at all. I love this style of music. Philip Glass is another artist, that does this quite a lot.

It’s very difficult to pick out a stand out track, as I consider this to be more of a collective work, than individual tracks. But the first two tracks Moonjam and Wake Up are particular favourites of mine. This is an album that I find I can’t just have on in the background as I find my brain won’t leave it alone. A lot of electronic music is like digital wall paper, but this album is really engrossing and almost commands a captive audience.

Conclusion : A great album, with a real nice laid back groove. Turn on, tune in, chill out.

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