Album – Things You Never Thought I’d Say – Freddy

Posted by admin on January 27th, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Freddy
  • Genre : Pop / Rock
  • Sample Track Download : Fade Away
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  • Rating : 9 out of 10

Although not yet 20, Freddy Litwiniuk already has an unbelievably hot album under his belt and an extremely promising career ahead. I’ve listened to this album many times, yet it still astounds me that such an accomplished sound can come from someone so young.

The 11 track album was originally released in the later part of 2004 and seems to have simmered though the majority of 2005. It now seems the Freddy pot boileth over and about time too. This is songwriting at it’s most potent and it’s amazing to me that a wider audience has not yet been achieved. I can imagine many youngsters snapping this album up if they had more exposure to it. But it’s not only youngsters, I’m not exactly ready to settle down to a life of dentures and cocoa as I’m sure many other Generation Xers.

There’s many influences, or homages to other bands, fused into the mix, including a heavy mix of Britpop. I read from Freddy’s site that he spent spent a while in the UK, during the Britpop explosion, so this would exlain that. I myself was still in the UK when the likes of Blur, Oasis, Suede and Pulp were at their most potent. In fact 1996 stands out as a particularly hazy, intense period, when England were competing in Euro ’96 and I was watching Madness, Skunk Anansie and the Sex Pistols at Finsbury Park. This album brings it all back, but also reminds me of the musical hollowness that has been prevalant in the last few years. Anyway I digress, what of the album itself?

The album comes out of the gate, with two absolutely corking tracks, A Moment Away and Fade Away, with it’s Beatle overtones. There’s not a weak track on the album, and it frustrates me, that this isn’t an absolute monster of an album. I could bore you to death with my abundance of love for this album, but I won’t. I just want to say, support this artist, because I can’t wait to hear waht he can do for his next album.

Conclusion : This is an album that if it were Robbie Williams, or Blur, it would be a smash hit and rightly so. So go out and pick yourself up a copy, either via CD Baby or for download at mp3Tunes. If you aren’t hooked after the first two tracks I’d be most surprised. Also visit Freddy’s site and let him know there’s many of us out here, who can’t wait for future offereings.

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