Album – Six Through Ten – Chance

Posted by admin on November 30th, 2005

“This is a band that is going to go a long way. I think we’ll be hearing a lot of them in the future”….. OK, so it’s not that much further into the future, but I’m on a roll with Chance at the moment, so please humor me. So this being the second CD from Chance, we have more of the same in the usual format of 5 original tracks and two remixes done by fans of Chance and one of them is an absolute classis, but more of that later.

So what does $5 buy you nowadays. Mmmmm, a couple of beers (if you’re lucky), A couple of Big Macs, or couple of frozen meals for one. Well forget about drinking and eating a while and order this CD. For a mere $5 you can get yourself a nice CD with the following tracks on:

  • Hip Hop High
  • Taste of the Good Life
  • Forgive+Forget
  • Woke Up to Everything
  • Closer’s Not Good Enough
  • Bonus – Remix of Taste of the Good Life (Shortwave Dahlia)
  • Bonus – Remix Closer’s Not Good Enough (Sebastian Ciceri)

Now I hope Chance doesn’t mind me saying, but the Remix of Closer’s Not Good Enough by Sebastian Ciceri, is an absolute work of art. I love this track to death and have lost count of the amount of times I’ve pressed the rewind button on all of the CD players I’ve played this on. I’d love to see some more remixes done by Sebastian, but let’s not forget it was Chance that wrote it, so he did have excellent materials to work with 🙂

OK so I’ve waxed lyrical about that one track, but the rest of the CD isn’t too shabby either. Hip Hop High gives us more of the Richard Ashcroft flavor and Taste of the Good Life gives us more cracking drum fuelled rhythm. Woke Up to Everything is probably my next favorite track, with it’s melodic, almost melancholic feel, cracking stuff.

I think the only sad thing with this CD is that sooner or later a major label will listen to it and give Chance an offer he can’t refuse, and he’ll have to wave goodbye to the Indie scene. For purely selfish reasons, let’s hope this doesn’t happen for a while.

Conclusion : Yet another excellent CD from Chance. Head over to the website and buy, buy, buy. This is a classic band in the making.

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