Album – A Better Life – Scott Krokoff

Posted by admin on October 8th, 2008

There seems to be an ever blurring line between country, folk and pop. The best example of this has been Shania Twain. The country purists shudder at her name, but she’s certainly done the country genre an enormous service, taking it places it’s never been. Scott Krokoff, has that same feel to his music. While there’s nary a mention of country on his MySpace page, his style of Folk Rock, shares remarkable similarities to Shania’s style of Country. Kind of Folk Rock with a pop edge. This boils down to 13 tracks, or pure unadulterated “easy listening”. Ah that term, “Easy Listening”, something I used to think of as my Dad’s taste in music, but I’ve come to learn it’s music that’s well written and a joy to listen to, without forcing your brain to go a mile a minute to disseminate what your ears are listening to.

“I Know Your Story” is the first track, and it was this one that brought Shania to mind, with soft clear vocals, a top acoustic guitar and drums. “Friend in Need” is a particular favorite track of mine. “A Better Life” was also one of my favorite tracks, until the electric guitar solo that breaks in nearly half way through. It’s one of those things, that while good in itself, jars the listening experience as it just doesn’t feel like it belongs.

While the album on the whole, is fairly mellow, there are a few tracks, that shake things up a bit, “Tomorrow’s Coming” and “Acid Rain” being two of them. It’s also a welcome diversion, as without these tracks, and “Do You Wanna Play” which rounds off the album, it would have seemed a bit too laid back for it’s own good.

The country analogy I opened with is pretty much enforced with the track, “Holy Fire”, with it’s country style guitar, and the sound of the vocals. I could just imagine Shania singing this one.

I would be remiss in not giving a special mention to “Autumn Sky” which is one of those tracks, that kind of fills you with hope. It’s hard to explain, but it just has that “Everything is Going to be OK” feel to it. So 13 tracks and not a dud among them. This is certainly an artist I will be eager to hear more from.

Conclusion : This is one of those albums, that you listen to and in the blink of an eye it’s over. This is a trait that marks a fine album.

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