Album – Okay – Jeff Caylor

Posted by admin on March 4th, 2008

As soon as I heard “Almost Flew” the track that opens the album, I couldn’t help but think “If Seal were white this is what he’d sound like”. Jeff has a voice, that’s rich in tone, with real character. It’s a track I’d heard on various podcasts and was pleasantly surprised when Jeff beat me to it and got in touch. I’m always wary about an album, when the track flying round podcasts is so great, as it’s easy to be disappointed. I needn’t have worried.

“The Ballad of Jon Turner” is a fantastic track that really shows what a great voice Jeff has. It’s one of those track that flows perfectly as it’s story unfolds. I have a really irrational dislike for the track that follows, “Pain is a Megaphone”. That irrational dislike is purely the word megaphone, it just stands out as a word that jars the track for me. Pain is love, or hurt, or the burning coals beneath my feet, it most difinately is not a megaphone, unless I am on said buring coaldefinatelys.

Through the 11 tracks on this album, the music may vary, from slow to upbeat, the vocals however remain consistent. They’re tuneful, emotive and wonderfully pronounced. It’s such a joy to listen to music, where it’s easy to follow the lyrics, which helps a lot to feel some kind of connection with the music.

“Maybe Tomorrow” is another particular favorite of mine, along with “Almost Flew”, which really show Jeff’s great vocals. I wasn’t over fussed with “Standing Still”, the vocals at times had an almost voxcoder feel to them. The track musically also feels a little disjointed.

The albums rounds off with the wonderfully lilting “I Didn’t Think I’d See You Here Today”, which brings memories of another song, whose name I can’ quite remember. Mmm seems to be happening a lot lately. Maybe the excesses of the 80’s are getting to me. This is a wonderful track that ends the album nicely.

Conclusion : A wonderful talent, who deserves to gain much greater recognition. Surely a name to watch for in the future.

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