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Posted by admin on October 17th, 2007

I think one of the biggest compliments I get, is when an artists I’ve already reviewed, tells a musician friend of theirs about Indie Launchpad. This was the case when Rob Szabo, mentioned Indie Launchpad to Scott Cooper, who sent me an email to ask if I would be interested in reviewing his new CD, Tiny Increments. I only needed to hear a single track to know getting this album in would be a total no brainer.

Scott assisted Rob in the production of his wonderful album, Like a Metaphor. Here Rob returns the favor, also playing bass on most of the songs. You can also hear a strong Rob influence every now and then, and it’s easy to see that there is a strong bond between the two.

“Tilt-A-Whirl” is the track that opens the CD. It’s a very relaxed, melodic sound, with Scott’s vocals, perfectly complimented by some gorgeous female harmonies provided by [Caroline Brooks]. “Don’t Turn Around” continues in a similar vein, with words the flow effortlessly. The versus are easy going and laid back, but the hooks really sink in once it gets to the chorus.

“Insomnia Song” is the track that just totally blew me away on so many levels. It’s funny the guitar intro, reminds me of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I heard this song once and knew it was the track I had to end the with last week, even before reviewing the album. Now this gives me a great excuse to feature the track yet again, not that I need an excuse. As you can probably guess the song is about someones inability to get to sleep. Counting down the night from 2am onwards. It’s such a beautifully simple song, but makes it’s mark nonetheless.

This is another one of those albums, I have to prevent myself from going through track by track, for fear of coming across as a sycophantic fan. All 11 tracks are such a sheer joy and delight to listen to. However I do get to delight in the magic gems that shine out from this veritable box, crammed full jewels. I’ve already mentioned “Insomnia Song”, but will again just say that even if the rest of the songs were pure drivel, this one track would make the album purchase worthwhile. Fortunately this isn’t the case. Special mentions must also go to “Don’t Turn Around”, “Amen”, and “Goodbye City”. A goodbye indeed as this is the track the brings this fantastic album to a close.

Conclusion : Absolute magic, pure and simple. Few albums make their mark so quickly and so indelibly. Absolutely and thoroughly a recommended addition to your collection.

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