Album – Kissing Like It’s Love – The Voyces

Posted by admin on August 17th, 2007

This is an album that I was hoping would blow me out of the water. After hearing the title track on a podcast, I was chomping at the bit to get the album in for review. The title track opens the album and although I hadn’t heard it for a few weeks, indeed since the podcast, it was even better second time around, with a melody that seduces and a lyric that bores it’s way into your brain.

Upon hearing the rest of the album, I was disappointed as it had steered in a totally different direction. Not that the rest of the album isn’t great. Indeed had this album been submitted without the title track, I would still have given it a great review. It’s just that the opener is an absolute scorcher and maybe should have been left to the latter part of the album.

Aside from the aforementioned track, the album has distinctly folksy, Simon and Garfunkel sound, which in itself is a great thing. The music is great, but it’s the vocals and amazing harmonies that make this album shine. There’s a very interesting track “Lovers in the Sky” which reminds me greatly of a Leonard Cohen song, which name escapes me.

The end of this 10 track album comes with the track “Where the Little Girls Still Throw Roses”, a mouthful of a title, but with a sweet almost Cat Stevens sound. Killer leads in, sweet and mellow fades to black.

Conclusion : You can approach this album in two ways. As a killer track with some great follow on songs, or a great folksy album, with an additional killer track. I think I prefer the latter description and indeed this album grows on me, the more I play it. I would love to see however, some more killer tracks on the next album. I suppose that easier said than done.

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  1. James H. Says:

    Ha! This cd is freakin AWESOME.

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