Album – Passion Leaves a Trace – Black Lab

Posted by admin on April 22nd, 2007

As far as bands that have made a huge impact on the podcasting scene, there aren’t many bands that have the recognition of Paul Durham’s, Black Lab. With the recent BumRush the Charts experiment, where they tried to earn a place as the number 1 selling band on iTunes, where once they were popular, they are now pretty much a podcasting household name.

Popularity isn’t just about gaining awareness, it’s also about being able to write and execute great songs, something Black Lab have been able to do consistently. Their previous album See the Sun was awarded 9 out of 10 on Indie Launchpad, with it’s mix of great lyrics, music and the great voice of Paul Durham. Passion Leaves a Trace, builds further on this and delivers an amazing album, with some cracking songs.

This 14 track CD opens with the song “Mine Again” which was used in the BumRush experiment. In my opinion they couldn’t have selected a better track and it’s probably the reason they went from iTunes obscurity, to something like 92nd position. So whilst it’s still a way off number one, it’s still an incredible achievement, considering the sheer number of tracks it was competing against. “Mine Again” is probably one of the best examples of the Black Lab sound and it’s certainly a distinctive sound, that you’d be hard pressed not to pick out, if it were played on the radio. “Ghost in Your Mind” is more a ballad, with Paul delivering more labored, emotive vocals. The music however is still pure Black Lab.

I can’t praise this album enough. I was going to pretty much do a track, by track review, but I can feel myself going into sycophant mode, so I’m heading myself off at the path. Suffice to say, if you like intelligent, well crafted rock, with a tinge of emotion and heart, do yourself a favor and go purchase this album immediately.

Conclusion : It’s when you come across bands like this, that you realise how jaded and at times idiotic major record companies can be. This is the kind of music that people want to listen to, but instead the major labels want to sink their promotional budgets on the latest teen sensation, who they will use, abuse and finally cast aside, as soon as they’ve juiced every ounce of marketability from them. I want to be into the artists I love for the long haul. Black Lab have their destiny in their hands and my support all the way.

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