EP – Bored and Gorgeous – Caroline Vinciguerra

Posted by admin on February 25th, 2007

Many of the female vocals I’ve received of late have been of the more laid back, folk and classic songwriter style, so it was refreshing to get something in a more pop vein. Caroline is not an artist I’d heard of before, but she certainly has an interesting future if this EP is anything to go by.

This five track EP opens with the title track “Bored and Gorgeous”. Within seconds of hearing Caroline’s voice, my brain was doing mental leaps trying to think of comparable artists. There’s certainly more than a hint of Rickie Lee Jones and also a much softer Debbie Harry, but there’s also much that is fresh and exciting. “Bella’s Song” shows a much more relaxed side and reminds me a lot of the 80’s Indie band the Cocteau Twins. “Smash” is a more upbeat song, but seems to suffer a bit with the production of the vocals, which seems very muffled. “Take me Out” continues this more relaxed style and really provides a a great platform for Caroline’s voice. The final track “Stuck in a Rut” closes the album nicely.

Certainly an interesting EP. I’m looking forward to seeing how Caroline adapts to a full length studio album.

Conclusion : Light, airy pop, with a great female voice, make for a killer combination.

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