Album – Silencer – Blake Morgan

Posted by admin on November 29th, 2006

Having reviewed Blake’s previous album, “Burning Daylight”, I approached this one with enthusiasm. Upon initially flipping through the tracks, it was immediately obvious that this was going to be a much mellower album and I have to say, this increased my enthusiasm. Whilst I do like the rockier side of Blake’s work, I much prefer the slower, more mellow tracks and indeed my favorite track on the previous album was the wonderful “Better Angels”, which is again featured here, but in a much more stripped back version. For this whole album think more MTV unplugged than your usual studio album. It’s very much one man and his piano and minimal accompaniment, rather than a studio band, which gives it a much more personal feel.

The album opens with “Silver Lining”, which again is also in a more studio arranged version on the previous album. In actual fact there are four tracks here, that were previously on the “Burning Daylight” album, but as mentioned before they a much more stripped down and really do benefit a lot from that. The next track “Danger to You” is probably the only one on this album that sticks out as the odd one out. This track just has that edge that the rest of the tracks do not. “Sick for You”, again one of the four, is the only rerecorded version where I prefer the original. There’s something very hollow about the recording which is much warmer with the previous version.

“It’s Gone” is Blake’s version of the track he wrote for Lesley Gore and just showcases the great songwriting and also musical delivery. I do hope Blake doesn’t mind me saying, but much prefer Lesley’s version, but then i do have a real soft spot for Lesley Gore’s album. “Saccharine” is again a track that I seem to recognize, but can’t put my finger on. It’s funny there was another track that did this for me on the previous album.

“Out of Loss” is the penultimate track on the album and shows an even softer side to Blake’s voice, which usually has that harder edge to it. The final track is one of my all time favorites and I have to say of the three version I have, 2 of Blake’s and one of Lesley’s I like them all, but for very different reasons. Absolutely terrific stuff.

Conclusion : A stunning album, that really shows Blake’s talents in a new light and one that should act like a huge spotlight. If you like a more stripped back, mellow kind of album, this has got to be one to add to your shopping list.

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