EP – Golden Hour of Strict Tempo Dancing – Finniston

Posted by admin on September 20th, 2006

One of the things that gives me the biggest thrill with Indie Launchpad, is receiving new material from artists previously reviewed. In fact, not only were Finniston previously reviewed, they were among the first artists on Indie Launchpad.

The previous review of Finniston was primarily of them and their sound. I touched on two tracks “Peach of Mind” and “Another Love Song” from their EP at the time, Popular Music That Will Last Forever, which were soft, lilting, mainly acoustic songs that provided a wonderful show case for both Steven Finnie and Jolene Crawford’s voices. That soft Scottish lilt, is just a sheer joy to listen to.

Their latest EP, Golden Hour of Strict Tempo Dancing, has a bigger sound, but those unmistakable vocals are still present and as wonderful as ever. This was originally funded by Polydor, who decided to pass on the finished product. Surely they never sat down and listened to it, cos if they had, they would’ve surely put some serious marketing behind it, as this EP deserves to be a winner.

Opening with “It Angers Me So”, this track has a very Gaelic kind of feel, with some interesting string and accordion accompaniment. “We’re Waiting” returns to the Finniston I’m more familiar with. I just love the Finniston sound. It’s soft and mellow, but very self assured. “Musings of a Middle-Class Boy” continues this mellowness. “Another Love Song” speeds things up a bit, but retains all of the Finniston sensibilities, being in fact a re-recording of the track that appears on the Popular Music That Will Last Forever EP. This is actually my favorite track and makes the EP worth buying just for this alone. Rounding off with “Bellona Shuffle”, this is probably the track that sticks out most, not because it’s bad, but just because it has a distinctly different sound.

Conclusion : Absolutely wonderful stuff again from Finniston. I’m eager to hear a full album release and I’m hoping it will come sooner, rather than later.

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