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Posted by admin on July 7th, 2006

Sometimes I wonder why I choose to start sentences off with the word sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes however, I hear a a new artist that makes my mind boggle as to why they haven’t made it to the [Open Quotes]Big Time[Close Quotes], for this album being reviewed, is from 2004 and a cracking album it is too.

Opening with the track “Get High”, this is an album that goes for the jugular from the get go. OK, so maybe jugular is a bit extreme, but it’s a track that certainly wouldn’t embarrass itself in the top 10 and indeed serves as my favorite track on the album. “Worst Case Scenario” is another track where you just can’t get the melody out of your head. It’s also a track with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek, with some great lyrics. “Camila Rose” is another song with a great melody and indeed great melodies just exude from every pore of this album. In fact most of the tracks are a perfect example of well crafted pop songs. The album ends as it starts with the strong and catchy “Foundation”, sheer class.

For a debut album this is certainly a very assured and accomplished release. I think the only gripe I have of the album is that it’s 2 years old and I’m only getting to hear about it now, but hopefully that equates to a new release in the near future.

Conclusion : This is a great album with such a great overall sound. There’s a real loose feel, with some great vocals that are very distinctive. A sure fire winner in my books.

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