Album – Declare a New State – The Submarines

Posted by admin on June 20th, 2006

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy and girl realize that life is better together, than apart and so begins the The Submarines debut album “Declare a New State”. Boy, girl duos seem to be pretty popular at the moment and indeed this is the second one I’ve reviewed recently from the Nettwerk record label, the other being the truly outstanding Weepies.

Opening with the track “Peace and Hate” first introductions are very pleasing to the ear with an almost ethereal quality. The vocals are also very complimentary as they should be with duos.
But being a couple, always seems to add that hidden spark of electricity to albums. There’s a connection that you can hear in the music, but just can’t put your finger on, whether it’s familiarity, understanding or just old fashioned love, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the music.
The album contains 10 tracks of mostly acoustic music, with the odd smattering of keyboards and other electronic instruments. It is however the vocals of Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti that really carry this album. There’s just a great relaxing, soothing feel to them, especially Blake’s caramel flavored, almost breathless vocals, but let’s not get me started on female vocalists again. Add to that the wonderful airy and lush production and you have a wonderfully gorgeous hit of an album on your hands.

Track 8 “Good Night” is a particular favorite of mine, with that tinge of sadness buoyed by the music beneath it. The album finishes off nicely with “Darkest Things”, but that darkness can be vanquished, by pushing play and starting all over again.

Conclusion : A wonderful collection of songs from a band that is sure to make quite a name for themselves. Definitely a top pick for 2006.

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