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Posted by admin on March 7th, 2006

When I receive a new EP or album, I prefer not to read any literature provided, as I don’t like to prejudice myself toward the music, before I’ve even listened to it.

On first listening to this album, I made some notes and by the time I got to the end of the album, I put a big line through my notes and write two words “Pet Sounds”. Now this will either be a blessing or a huge cross to bare, but I hope it’s the former as this is an incredible body of work.

So Why “Pet Sounds”?. It’s hard to pinpoint, but I think it’s the production of this album and the smorgasbord of different sounds. There’s a real sense of anticipation for each track as you just don’t know what’s coming next and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I first came across the band via the CBC Radio 3 podcast, where track 2, “River of Daughters” caught my attention. I loved that track, with it’s eccentric lyrics and approached the band to review the album.

Although the bands name alludes to some kind of soul heritage, I really didn’t hear that much. Yes there’s the odd brass overtones, often heard in Otis Reading tracks, but it’s really like finding the soul needle in a haystack. I can hear a lot of the experimental 60’s influences, like the previously mentioned Beach Boys and the Beatles and Stones, but the band has managed to stamp their own unique sound on this album and I think that really helps to make this an album that stands on it’s own two feet, without having to resort to comparisons.

So apart from “River of Daughters”, the other tracks that stand out for me are “P is for Protein” , with it’s excellent xylophone intro and excellent vocals, “Boobie Trap”, yes you read that right and “Take Care and Brush Your Hair”. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, their pretty interesting titles for tracks, they are and you haven’t heard the music yet.

Conclusion : Yes this is something that’s distinctly different from the mainstream, and that takes real balls to release. However it works, and works very well.

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