Album – Say I Am You – The Weepies

Posted by admin on February 24th, 2006

So many times I find a band/artist after hearing one song and eagerly anticipate the album, only to find, I’ve heard the best track on the album. This is a small let down, but usually the album as a whole is still good. Not so with The Weepies for their whole album is filled with absolutely amazing songs. Not only that, but I’m seriously falling in love with Deb Talan’s voice, which has a real, ethereal, Karen Carpenter sound. I usually have albums in rotation for about a week or two, before they finally get reviewed. With the Weepies I heard them on Friday, got the album on Wednesday and am writing this review here on Friday, whilst still listening to the album… again.

I’ve said many times that I have a great respect for singer/songwriters and they don’t come much better than Steve Tannen and Deb Talan. When you mix great songwriting with a voice as amazing as Deb’s, you have a real winner. And yes Steve himself has a good set of pipes, sorry Steve I don’t mean to forget you.

The album opens with the one of my favourite tracks and I have to say, when an album’s this good, it’s pretty difficult to choose favorites, but again, it’s Deb’s voice that just send’s my head into the clouds and turns my knees to jelly. I wouldn’t mind, but there’s still another 12 tracks to go. The album on the whole is pretty laid back, with some great acoustic guitar. Have I mentioned the voice? If your blood pressure runneth over, after a hard day at work, this is the perfect cure.

Conclusion : If you like the track above or are reading this after enjoying “Gotta Have You” on the Indie Launchpad Podcast #7, pass “Go” collect $200 and go buy the album. This is seriously good stuff.

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