Album – 2 Cents an Acre – 3 Blind Mice

Posted by admin on February 28th, 2006

This is the third album from those song masters 3 Blind Mice and is a sort of prelude to, and story so far, kind of album and serves as a filler, whilst the new one is still being recorded. Featuring 3 songs from Before They Were Famous Vol I & II and 9 songs recorded in the interim, including an incredible Christmas song, called “Watchstar” which gained a fairly high profile this Christmas with many podcasts choosing to play it. Two of the included tracks “Your Face is Not Enough” and “The Breaking” are taken from the new album “Good Grief”, which should hopefully be finished some time, SOON!

It’s no secret that I’m a big 3 Blind Mice fan and this album is every bit as good as their previous 2, but has a different edge to it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s undeniably there. I’m so glad that my old favorite “Emily has Compassionate Fatigue” is on this album, because even now it continues to haunt me. Actually haunt isn’t the right word, but if you can think of a better word that means haunt in a non creepy, happy way, just replace it in your head, as you re-read this sentence.

Two tracks that have an interesting pedigree are “Call me Beautiful” and “Tell Me Something”, which were written with the Corrs in mind, after being asked to submit some songs. The band aren’t sure if the Corrs ever got to hear them, but their loss is our gain.

Conclusion : This is an essential purchase for any 3 Blind Mice fan and serves as a great filler until the new album is released.

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