Album – The Album of the Year – Brother Love

Posted by admin on January 1st, 2006

  • Band / Artist : Brother Love
  • Genre : Rock / Pop
  • Listen Online : Here
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  • Rating : 9 out of 10

This has to be one of the most aptly named albums this year. If I had to choose one album of the year, this would definitely be it. In fact I must also say that I think Brother Love should also be artist of the year. I, along with many other people first heard of Brother Love via the new medium of podcasts and indeed I think Brother Love had a good hand in paving the way for many other artists to follow suit, open up and allow their music to be freely played on podcasts, allowing them much greater exposure.

So enough of all that, what about the album. Man can this guy wail and yes I do mean in a good way. The more I listen to this album, the more I hear traces of Marc Bolan, he of T-Rex fame. In fact Brother Loves even has a Marc Bolan look happening, I would be most interested to know if he’s ever heard of him. Although this album was released in 2004, with all the excitement generated via Podcasts, it’s pretty easy to consider this a relaunch for 2005.

The album opens very strongly with the track Push, a high energy introduction to the sound of Brother Love. Sick of Chicks, the next track goes on the backfoot and shows a more mellow side. There She Goes and Summertime are probably the two tracks that podcast listeners will have probably heard on one of the many podcasts that have featured Brother Love, including the Daily Source Code and Accident Hash. The rest of the album is every bit as good as the initial tracks and it’s one of those albums that is guaranteed to make you forget the crappy mood you were in.

Standout track for me has to be Alone. Boy does this song bring back memories of being a batchelor. A life wholely different to the one with a wife and four kids I live now, but hey I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Conclusion : If you only buy one album from this years selection at Indie Launchpad, you won’t go wrong with Brother Love’s, Album of the Year. With 2005 nearly behind us, it’s going to be great to see how Brother Love follows up this album in 2006.

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